Are you competing with other local charities?
The Three Rivers Community Foundation’s goal is to sustain and support local nonprofits. We work together with the charities by encouraging individuals and companies to support causes they care about with long-term philanthropy. The Foundation’s responsibility is to raise the overall level of philanthropy in the area. We serve as an umbrella for other nonprofits that may not be able to accept certain assets or devote staff and time to planned giving options. 

What is your most flexible fund?
The most flexible fund at the Three Rivers Community Foundation is the Donor Advised Fund. This type of fund allows an individual or family to support the issues and organizations they care about with a variety of assets. For more information on Donor Advised Funds, see the brochure, Starting a Donor Advised Fund with the Three Rivers Community Foundation.pdf (72 KB).

What are the tax benefits of giving through the Three Rivers Community Foundation?
Giving through a community foundation — such as the Three Rivers Community Foundation — offers the donor substantial tax advantages and administrative freedom, compared to establishing a private foundation. Community foundations are not subject to certain taxes and regulations affecting private foundations and have greater flexibility on such matters as self-dealing and minimum payout.

What information can I give my clients about the Three Rivers Community Foundation?
Both the Benefits of a Community Foundation.pdf (584 KB) and Your Vision, Your Legacy, the Tri Cities’ Future.pdf (68 KB) complement the discussions you have with your clients regarding the Three Rivers Community Foundation.