Your donation to Three Rivers Community Foundation will enable us to provide more grant funding to the many deserving nonprofits in our community who are struggling to respond to the increased needs created by COVID-19. For a limited time, all donations inspired by are matched! A $50 donation becomes $100, a $100 donation becomes $200, up to $1 million per individual donor. To make sure your donation is eligible for this match, select "All in WA COVID Fundraiser" thorugh the Paypal link, or write "All in WA" in the memo line of check donations (please make checks payable to Three Rivers Community Foundation). All funds and eligible matching dollars stay with Three Rivers Community Foundation to support our COVID-19 Reponse Fund.

All funds raised will be used locally to support 501c3 organizations in Benton and Franklin counities. Grants are being approved on a rolling basis as long as funds are available. Thank you for supporting these organziations that do so much for our community!

Three Rivers Community Foundation
1333 Columbia Park Trail 
Suite 310
Richland, WA 99352