Community Impact

The Three Rivers Community Foundation’s extensive knowledge of the community allows us to help donors make the greatest impact locally. Foundation staff conducts site visits to local nonprofits each year and keeps abreast of emerging needs in the area. Donors can tap our knowledge of community needs and best practices to inform their giving strategies. With a total of $265,630 given in grants, scholarships, and distributions from donor directed funds through Three Rivers Community Foundation in 2014 alone, the Foundation and its donors make a significant impact.

Administrative Freedom

Grantmaking should be rewarding, not burdensome. That is why we provide our donors with all the necessary tax reporting, check writing, grantee due diligence and other administrative support. You can focus on giving while we handle the paperwork.

Tax Advantages

At the Three Rivers Community Foundation, you can give a variety of assets to receive the financial and tax benefits that best suit your needs. When comparing community foundations and private foundations, you will find that community foundations offer greater tax advantages than private foundations due to our public charity tax status.

Comparing community and private foundations

Initial Contribution $25,000 for Named Fund $5,000,000 to be Cost Effective
Start Up Costs One-time origination fee of 5% Legal and Accounting Fees
Annual Fees 2.5% Annual Fee On-going legal, investment, and accounting fees
Tax treatment of  cash gifts Deductible up to 50% of Adjusted Gross Deductible up to 30% AGI
Tax treatment of gifts of appreciated publicly-traded securities Full Market Value deduction up to 30% of AGI Full Market Value up to 20% AGI
Tax treatment of closely held stock or real estate Full Market Value deduction up to 30% of AGI Deduction limited to cost basis up to 20% AGI
Excise Taxes on investments No Yes
Required payout No Yes
Incorporation and Tax exemption Automatically covered by 3RCF Must apply for incorporation and ???
Privacy Individual donors or grants can be kept private - 3RCF is a buffer between grant seeker and donors Foundation required to file detailed tax returns on grants, staff salaries, investments, etc.
Liability and insurance Automatically covered by 3RCF's insurance Must purchase any Directors & Officers liability insurance, employee bonding, etc.
Investment, Accounting Audit and Tax Returns 3RCF handles all investments and accounting. 3RCF files annual tax return and provides an annual independent audit. Trustees must perform or hire staff for these services
Professional Grant Making Expertise Yes -- no additional fees Professional staff must be hired

Investor Confidence

Donors to the Three Rivers Community Foundation have confidence in the transparency of our finances, our solid investment performance, and our low administrative overhead. On average just 2.5 percent of every fund goes toward management/investment costs.