The Three Rivers Community Foundation at a glance:


Started in 1999, the Three Rivers Community Foundation is one of 26 community foundations in the state of Washington, but is the only one to serve the greater Benton and Franklin Counties.

The Three Rivers Community Foundation encourages philanthropy in our area, connecting individuals with the issues they care about and providing them with support and inspiration to give effectively and improve our community.

The Three Rivers Community Foundation’s goal is to sustain and support local nonprofits. We work together with the charities by encouraging individuals and companies to support causes they care about with long-term philanthropy. The Foundation’s responsibility is to raise the overall level of philanthropy in the area. We serve as an umbrella for other nonprofits that may not be able to accept certain assets or devote staff and time to planned giving options.

Grants to the community

With 39 designated funds to date, the Three Rivers Community Foundation has total assets of over $2.7 million (as of 12/14) for current and future grantmaking.

In 2014 Three Rivers Community Foundation and its donors distributed over $237,000 to benefit local nonprofits, as well as other nonprofits if specifically designated by the donor.

Grants are made to a broad array of nonprofit organizations addressing: basic needs; arts and culture; health and wellness; vibrant economy; education and learning; strong communities; and, natural environment.

By annually distributing endowment earnings and investing the remainder, the Three Rivers Community Foundation is building a long-term endowment for Tri Cities’ nonprofits.

The Three Rivers Community Foundation keeps one-hundred (100) percent of all donations in our community, unless otherwise designated by the donor.

Giving through the Foundation

The Three Rivers Community Foundation accepts gift of all sizes for endowments, however, there is a $25,000 minimum amount required to start a named fund at the Three Rivers Community Foundation.

While there is a $25,000 minimum amount required to start a named fund at the Three Rivers Community Foundation, an individual or nonprofit can start a fund with a lower amount with the understanding that $25,000 will be reached within a certain amount of time (usually three years).  The Foundation will invest those funds with the other endowments.  This means these “start up” funds will accrue interest while waiting to meet the minimum.  No grant awards will be made until the fund reaches its minimum size of $25,000.

A fund established with the Three Rivers Community Foundation receives the maximum charitable deduction allowed by law.

The Three Rivers Community Foundation offers its donors administrative freedom and flexibility, as well as in-depth knowledge of local community needs, to help make their giving effective and satisfying.

97.5 percent of all funds are put to work for charitable purposes, with only 2.5 percent used for administrative and investment fees.