The nature of the Three Rivers Community Foundation’s role as a funder, leader, convenor and decision-maker in the community results in the acquisition of extensive information that is considered privileged. Much information is shared with the Foundation because of its reputation for trust and its ability to make fair decisions. To safeguard the Foundation’s integrity as a responsible decision-maker, to protect its capacity to gather data necessary to make those decisions and to enable the Foundation to responsibly carry out its important duties in the community, the Foundation subscribes to the policy on confidentiality set forth below.

Privacy Policy

The Three Rivers Community Foundation Board of Directors, committee members and staff shall not engage in private discussion of or otherwise disclose to third parties information regarding Foundation matters (except when engaged in the conduct of the proper business of the Foundation). All information that is not a matter of public record or not otherwise authorized by the appropriate authority (i.e. the Board, a committee of the Board, the Board chair, or the Executive Director) to be disclosed as public, shall be considered confidential. In furtherance, and not in limitation of this policy, the following shall apply:

The positions or statements of individual board, committee members or Foundation staff shall not be discussed outside of official Foundation meetings and processes. Likewise, the decisions of the Board, committees or Foundation staff shall not be disclosed without appropriate authorization.

Content of Foundation business, including documents, reports, records, data, minutes or analysis of such materials performed by the Foundation should not be discussed or shared outside of official meetings and processes. This includes information regarding donors, donations, pending grants, contracts and agreements entered into by the Foundation, policies and processes of the Foundation, financial information and business records of the Foundation and the like. Information regarding the Foundation’s investment performance will be routinely published.

The Foundation will not sell, exchange, share or otherwise release information about its donors. Donors and any other recipients of Foundation mail or electronic mail messages may opt out of any lists maintained by the Foundation and used for such communications.

All of the material provided to you about an organization as part of the grant making process and all discussion that takes place as part of the grant making process, whether an individual conversation with a Foundation staff or a discussion at a committee meeting, is confidential.

If you have any questions about what is or is not appropriate to discuss outside of the Foundation or wish to seek permission to make a public disclosure of information that is otherwise confidential, please speak with the Executive Director.